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The September 2, 2002 Cincinnati Renfest GT

Attendees of the Cincinnati GT were Mael, Mylo, Sylt, Vex, Agralebean, DuKaron, Solaron, Katrana, Humble, Faile, and Theoden.

Vex with a sword
and Vex's license plate...
(does his car come equipped with Zmud too?)
You have been blinded!
(or at least Solaron has)
DuKaron, Solaron & Mylo with knives
Theoden throwing axes
Faille trying to stab Katrana
Theoden, Mylo, Sylt, Nalor & Vex
(left to right)
Nalor, Vex & Sylt
(What'd they do exactly to get put in here?)
And more people in stocks!
(Faille, Humble, & Solaron)
Theoden, Sylt & Vex

Photos used with permission and copyright 2002 the player of Katrana

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