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The September 1, 2002 Chicago GT

Attendees of the Chicago GT were Myronides, Natilena, Boyardee, Solaron, Katrana, Humble, Faille, Plato, Shon, Snappy, Ambrose, Tazz, Wylin, Lorax, Maimer, and Lania. Photos are below. According to Natilena, here's what took place: "We started out meeting up outside of ESPN Zone. Lania and Maimer arrived first followed not long after by Ambrose, Taz and Boyardee. Katrana, Solaron, Faille and Humble arrived and we all headed inside to play some of the games. Lunch was downstairs at ESPN Zone where the waiter took a group picture for us that just didn't turn out at all (AND I got carded for the first time in years.. yay!). Wylin and Lorax showed up just as we were finishing dinner, Ambrose and Taz left for another party and we all headed back upstairs to play more games. Lania and Maimer we sort of lost for a while as they went to check into their hotel. Because it was just so noisy we found a Starbucks but the line was just too long so we hung out in a park and talked about about.. well the mud of course! Finally we got our various Starbucks beverages, Boyardee headed out and the rest of us headed back to ESPN zone so we didn't miss meeting Plato, Shon and Snappy. Lania and Maimer appeared again after looking all over Chicago for us (whoops! sorry!). It was evening by now. We played a few more games at ESPN zone and then my hotel room got nominated for everyone to gather in (the maids probably hate me now I hope I left a big enough tip). After a quick stop at a liquor store we headed back to sit around and well, talk about the mud some more! Myronides was first to leave, he had to catch his train back (though he apparently missed it), Plato, Shon and Snappy then Katrana, Solaron, Humble and Faille were soon off as well. That left myself, Lania, Maimer, Wylin and Lorax chatting for a while. Lania and Maimer were off around 1am or so and thats about when we realized we never did have dinner. A pizza was ordered for Lorax, Wylin and me and I guess it was about 2:30am when they decided to head home and I could clean up the 30+ beer cans lying around."

Taz in front with Ambrose playing air hockey
in the background
Taz playing boxing with Ambrose looking on and
Boyardee with his back to the camera
Boyardee, Wylin and Lorax
(in that order)
Geez, doesn't that look familiar,
same people same order!
Humble with Solaron making funny hand signals in the background.
Casting a spell maybe?
Katrana hopefully NOT removing pictures of Natilena
from her camera. Faille is in the background.
Faille, Solaron, Lorax and Wylin
all squeezed onto a tiny couch.
1/2 a Solaron, Lorax, Wylin and Myronides.
At least Myron had some space alone in that chair.
Wylin and Myronides with Humble against the window
in the background and Shon tucked into the corner.
Natilena's room and here she is stuck standing *comfort*  L-R Natilena, Katrana, Lania, Maimer, Plato
Hmm.. busy picture. Lania, Katrana just behind her (and someone else's head), Solaron, Plato behind him and Faille.
Lania and Plato in the background
Katrana, Solaron, Snappy and Faille
Maimer and Lania
Lorax and Wylin finally with more room on the couch.

Photos used with permission and copyright 2002 the player of Natilena

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