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The May 2002 Arizona GT

Tranquility "officially smirking"
on the phone with Belsambar
Ptarchyzk thinking of getting out the
world's largest bottle opener
Tyanna caught in a moment of stillness
Foolkiller & Tripper discussing
the life of an immortal
Jah, Nyx, FK, Cordir & Syla
engaged in mud talk, what else?
Gaul relaxing and taking it all in
Tokugawa & Marisa
Syla asking "Who are those kids out on the porch?"

and the "kids" out on the porch:


Majere (who made Tyanna want to play checkers)
Kain (back from swinging off the tree)

Some mug shots...
And more photos...
And you can take a look at many, many, many more photos on Cordir's website.

Photos used with permission and copyrighted by their respective owners.

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