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Vicarious: Level 12 Ranger, Level 30 Mage
Vicarious was created on 2006-05-09 22:33:34, played for 670 hours,
and has earned 738950 experience.

Under the cowl of a robe, a young human stands before you. His disfigured pale
face is shielded by long locks of greasy black hair. Keeping his cloak secured;
a brooch clip of a piece of red volcanic rock. Looking at the rock, you notice;
it is Wish's holy symbol, which keeps his robe tightly fit. Young, dark brown ;
eyes meet your glance, you sense a hidden intelligence within. His stature is;
slightly smaller than the average human. Even his build seems to lead you to
believe that he will never make it into melee combat. Any jewelery or magical;
adornments on his body, seem to supplement his weak and frail frame. Pale lithe;
hands stick out from the cuff of his plain brown robes. Not far from reach you;
see the hilt of a sword poking out from within the cloak. You see nothing;
particulary outstanding about this young lad. You would most likely see him
behind a desk, researching, or attempting to write spells in what used to be
Wish's Coral Cave. Catching him outside the class-room environment would be his;
in-field practicing of magic.
 Vicarious leveled his ranger class to level 12.
 Vicarious leveled his ranger class to level 11.
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