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Venom: Level 30 Thief, Level 25 Warrior, Level 30 Mage
Venom was created on 2013-10-15 19:43:09, played for 590 hours,
and has earned 1906913 experience.

Your gaze pans the height and breadth of what seems at first glance
to be a regular half-elven adventurer when you begin to notice some
rather odds details. His clothing and equipment are immaculately clean
and rather polished, discretely bearing the runes of magical enchantment.
He stands tall and proud with an air of arrogance, his high classed
mannerism seemingly comes natural to him. His pale skin is obviously
stems from an all blood diet and dark circles under his eyes tell a
tale of a Kindred whose eyes have seen more than one lifetime of
killing to survive. His grin is wicked and evil, bearing long fangs
ready to rip you apart.
 Venom killed by Champas Bladebane.
 Venom leveled his warrior class to level 25.
 Venom leveled his thief class to level 30.
 Venom leveled his thief class to level 29.
 Venom leveled his thief class to level 28.
 Venom leveled his thief class to level 27.
 Venom leveled his thief class to level 26.
 Venom leveled his thief class to level 25.
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