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Tikruul: Level 16 Bard, Level 16 Bard, Level 15 Bard
Tikruul was created on 2011-02-12 20:07:50, played for 280 hours,
and has earned 234402 experience.

A dazzling array or blues, greens, gold and silver.

The shimmering tones of the feathers are reminiscent of
the tones of a peacock, without the actual patterning...

Almost as if they were randomly dyed, except that the
tones shift and change with a strange iridecence as the
Aarakockran moves about.

Tall for one of his race, and rather lean, there's a
divilish spark of mischief in his eyes, and a bemused
grin on his beak.

There are an array of instruments amongst his belongings
as you wander into his 'camp'...though you get the feeling
most of the scattered mess would pack up rather neatly,
and be just as scattered about for a performance on a city
street. You pick out a violin, a mandolin, and various other
implements of acoustical destruction.

You hear a chirp as the Aara bursts into action...and becomes
a blinding streak of iridescent color. What he's scrabbling
after becomes quite apparent in a moment when he lets out a
happy crooning sound...and holds up a nice, fat bug.

"Breakfast is so much better when it's fresh...don't you

For all that he is an get the impression
that this Bard is one STRANGE bird!

Tikruul practically shimmers with radiance.
 Tikruul leveled his bard magic class to level 16.
 Tikruul leveled his bard combat class to level 16.
 Tikruul leveled his bard skill class to level 15.
 Tikruul earned 1009 location quest points.
 Tikruul killed the fierce warrior for mobmastery level 32.
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