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Thingone: Level 30 Ranger, Level 30 Thief, Level 30 Cleric
Thingone was created on 2001-05-13 21:51:19, played for 2334 hours,
and has earned 2517586 experience.

Shrouded in the darkness that binds him, the space about this man is eclipsed.
His features are imbued with the lack of light he serves. Dark close-cropped
hair curls against his forehead as eyes of deep brown examine everything within
view. Nondescript features allow his large build to melt back into the darkness
from which he comes. His deeply tanned skin is all but concealed by armor bearing
deep acid etchings. One wrist is adorned with jewelry, somehow crafted from the
substance that altered the appearance of his armor. Granted powers by his immortal,
he walks with confidence and unmatched grace. Running one gloved finger over the
edge of his wicked scythe, he pauses in thought before departing the room. In his
absence, light fills the space he formerly occupied.

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