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Teren: Level 25 Ranger, Level 25 Mage
Teren was created on 2002-09-13 06:39:27, played for 804 hours,
and has earned 795880 experience.

The individual before you has a quiet yet undeniable presence. He stands still

and unmoving, only his deep forest green eyes in motion. Utterly aware of his

environment, he has the unconcious grace of a wild creature, yet the dignity

and resolute dependability of one who has spent centuries dealing with the

best and worst aspects of mankind. Simply and practically garbed in muted tones

of green and brown, he is dressed to suit the woods he calls home. One luxury

calls the eye; a silver signet ring bearing the solemn visage of a sable

unicorn within the cradle of a crescent moon. He bows slightly; whether in

acknowledgement of you or the Lady whose crest he bears, you cannot tell.

His face is a study of contrasts: the graceful structure of an elven heritage

is partially concealed by beard that is perhaps given grooming and attention

on an irregular basis, and the rich, earthen tones of his curling mane of

shoulder length hair frames eyes that are both friendly and resolute. Twin

silver blades, curved like the waning moon, are sheathed at his waist, and

while his hands do not hover near them like moths to a flame, you sense that

should the need arise, they would speed into action. But it is a smile, and

not a weapon that he offers, and his hand that extends to you.

 Teren recovered from deletion.
 Teren has returned after a very long absence! YAY!!
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