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Shilea: Level 30 Ranger, Level 30 Thief, Level 30 Mage
Shilea was created on 2003-08-28 22:15:13, played for 1640 hours,
and has earned 1680036 experience.

The elven woman before you calls to mind molten metal in the process of its
forging: liquid, shifting, becoming, undefinable. There is more than mortal
gaze can perceive about her - as if the world itself changed by her passage.
Her demeanor and garb hold a regal quality, and the ashen tinge to her skin
clearly reveals her to be of the Hundred - the most ancient of elves, those
Firstborn.  Her hair streams down in a smooth waterfall, dusky pewter tones
mixed amidst the moonlight silver.  Shadows flicker and dance within a gray
gaze touched with streaks of indigo, concealing secrets, mysteries, arcanum
not meant to be known by those of mortal blood. With a graceful, inherantly
feminine movement she tucks an errant lock back behind a delicately pointed
ear. A wistful expression flashes across her face, and her eyes become more
distant, if that was possible, as if they gazed upon the face of one not in
your presence. She nods as if in answer to a conversation and those slender
hands slip closer to the two swords bound in ancient leather sheaths at her
narrow hips. The sense you had of a distant creature of nobility and arcane
sorcery shifts, and it becomes crystally clear that this is no fragile lily,
but one who can and will shed blood, face peril, scorn or damnation for the
few she has pledged her loyalty and love to.
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