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Samiyah: Level 30 Bard, Level 30 Bard, Level 30 Bard
Samiyah was created on 2010-07-18 07:26:00, played for 3121 hours,
and has earned 2191342 experience.

The bard before you has a impish grin, her brown eyes sparkling. There is an
aura of confidence about her that is new - the security of one who loves and
and is loved in return, who has the friendship and support of heroes and the
occasional villain alike. Her head is held high and she hums softly.  Melody
wreathes her in a joy she shares with others, her song reborn. The dark hues
of her heritage have been set aside, replaced with earthy garden tones: deep
green of plant leaves, dusty rose and cream as if a desert sunrise had burst
into bloom. Only her jewelry and the traditional tribal patterns etched upon
her caramel skin, hold to her homeland: arabesques framing scars on her left
hand - a pair of fang scars and a slash across her palm, each a sacred trust
and vow she holds precious. Around her, the dark night draws in protectively
close, its comfort and concealing shadow granted by a friend. Her fingertips,
barely moving, cause swirls and eddies, as she takes additional comfort from
the way her blood-bond is strengthened and bolstered by its Kindred presence.
Seeing your gaze, she bows slightly and smiles warmly.
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