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Raage: Level 30 Warrior, Level 30 Thug, Level 30 Cleric
Raage was created on 2007-11-29 06:21:39, played for 1518 hours,
and has earned 2620584 experience.

On a long and lonesome highway 
West of Midguard
You can listen to your footsteps
Padding up north to Ofcol
You can think about that mage mob
Or the orc you knew  the night before
But your thoughts will soon be wandering
Back to Guild Hall
When you're sitin' by the Pit
Waiting for some spare EQ
You don't feel much like goldin'
And the randoms are too few

Here I am
On the MUD again
There I am
Set for the PK
Here I go
Playing TFC again
There I go
Killing a Mage

 Raage killed by the ghost of an illusion of a sailor's child.
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