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Odin: Level 26 Warrior
Odin was created on 2012-11-14 19:52:48, played for 208 hours,
and has earned 380589 experience.

This giant is a warrior: this clearly seen in the weapons slung at his
hip, the scarred but polished silver armor he wears and the scars visible
here and there on his yellowish skin. His tunic and pants are a dusty tan,
with only one spot of color -- a dark gray emblem over his heart: a
two-headed eagle, wings spread and claws extended. Metal bracers guard
his forearms, but above the edge of one, you can see a hint of a star-shaped
tattoo on his right arm. Even though his stance is relaxed and at ease,
there is a determination in the green eyes that stare back at you. A thin
leather braid hold his shoulder-length blond hair out of his face, the ends
rough from the constant abrasion of his helmet. He bows slightly in greeting,
giving polite acknowledgement to your glance.
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