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Nicholai: Level 30 Mage, Level 30 Warrior, Level 30 Thief
Nicholai was created on 1997-10-26 20:24:11, played for 5443 hours,
and has earned 4178208 experience.

Before you stands a sorcerer clad in black. His age indiscernible at a glance, 
his Elven frame appears strong and youthful but a cold, expressionless face and
piercing blue eyes hint at a wealth of wisdom lost in an eternity of darkness
and pain. His pale complexion contrasts the few Moorish teak strands of hair
that stray from under his dark hood and fangs are barely noticeable behind
closed lips, rarely breaking to smile. About him flows a cape of pure darkness,
once a symbol of the Ordinus Nosferatu, a mark of the kindred, now a relic of
an ancient time and a warning to this realm that he is perhaps the eldest,
the last remaining of the original kindred to walk among them, and should be
feared and respected as such. Close to his heart and hidden from view he keeps
a token of love given to him by a little girl as a reminder of what is most
important in this life, and that perhaps there is hope in the darkness.
 Nicholai killed by the guildmaster.
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