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Natilena: Greater Goddess
Natilena was created on 1997-10-26 17:07:06, played for 15211 hours,
and has earned 2383163 experience.

In the twixt of a moment, a tall and slender elven woman stands before you.  A gentle 
hum escapes as she purses her lips together as you begin to speak.  A single, long feather
appears in her hand while a mischievous grin wrinkles her nose.  Darting into the shadows
she reappears behind you with a whisper of a tickle against the back of your neck.  Startled
you turn and find a flash of brown eyes whirl away from you.  A giggle trails behind her,
she leaves you wondering about this strange encounter with this beautiful creature.

 Natilena celebrates her 7601 year birthday (Greater Goddess).
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