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Mnaramenth: Level 30 Warrior, Level 30 Cleric
Mnaramenth was created on 2002-02-16 20:36:43, played for 942 hours,
and has earned 2368405 experience.

It's a beautiful day, isn't it? Birds singing, big puffy you detect the scent of alcohol? Here? And
what IS that whistling noise filling the air...?

Suddenly, you hear loud cracking noises, and there is an
explosion to your right, sending dirt and splinters
everywhere. You lie there, dazed, for a moment, before
collecting your thoughts....namely, What the hell was that?!

You see to your left a large tree trunk that nearly hit's trunk is shattered, as if hit with a large
rock...which brings you to that begin to move
towards the crater and you hear a noice...metallic tinkling,
light clanking, and sounds of many things ringing as they
jumble into one another...and a tall form, heavily armored,
pulls itself from the crater...

Mnaramenth raises his fist to the sky in fury.
Mnaramenth shouts (in draconic),'Yeh durn lizard! Yeh wohn' be
shakin' me so easily next time, I'm tellin yeh!'

The form dusts itself off, and you can make out the details
now...pointed ears, bright orange and blonde streaked hair.
You see his eyes are a very bright, piercing blue...and his
armor is extremely heavy looking, and appears well taken
care of. The kind of armor you'd expect to make a pretty solid
wall if you tried to hit wonder that tree is in such
rough shape now.

Mnaramenth says (in elven), 'Hmmm...are you alright there?
Looks like I almost hit you...' and snickers to himself.

Mnaramenth pulls a mug out of a bag and utters the words 'Watz
Brre'. He then hands you the now full mug.

Mnaramenth says (in common), 'Therr yeh be goin'...yeh should
be alrigh'' iff'n yeh'll be excusin' meself, I's
gots a dragon what I owe summat!

Mnaramenth is built like a TANK!
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