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Lore: Level 20 Ordained Mortal, Level 30 Warrior, Level 30 Mage
Lore was created on 2012-01-17 19:53:44, played for 738 hours,
and has earned 2383454 experience.

This young man seems to in a hurry, but bows briefly in greeting.
His brown hair is tousled, barely touching his shoulders. His clothing is dark
but of lightweight material, no doubt to make his movements that much quicker.
As his piercing, golden eyes meet yours, it's as if he is keenly aware of your every move before you do.
 Lore reclassed as a reprisalist.
 Lore killed by Lexie (V).
 Lore killed by a nightmare.
 Lore killed by a crying wraith.
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