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Hutt: Demigod
Hutt was created on 2007-02-04 23:20:40, played for 3301 hours,
and has earned 1477681 experience.

The deep blue eyes of the man before you seem to be a an eloquent road map of 
his life and character. They hold a quiet courage and intelligence that shines
outward like a beacon. Wrinkles at the corners of his eyes show his age - this
is no youngster, but a man who has survived from sheer, grim determination and
wise choices. Smile lines flank his mouth, which holds a touch of knowledgeable
sensuality amidst the quick humor of his grin.

Standing a bit under six feet tall, he is lean and tanned from decades spent
travelling out of doors. His hair is short, cropped to the top of his collar,
and is a steely gray that nearly matches his armor. A white full sleeved shirt
can be peeping out from beneath his breastplate, and his motly mixture of armor
gives him the appearance of one who has no time for foppish court clothes, but
deals with the real and dangerous struggle of defending the helpless and going
into danger with eyes wide open to the possible consequences. Equal parts
gentleman and warrior, paladin and priest, he stands before you as willing to
offer a helping hand as to firmly bar the way for those with ill intent.

 Hutt accepted Mesmer (VI) (level 2 warrior) into his following.
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