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Gwyrdain: Level 21 Thief, Level 22 Mage, Level 22 Ranger
Gwyrdain was created on 2006-06-18 16:28:13, played for 363 hours,
and has earned 897858 experience.

Before you is a seasoned adventurer of medium build, hunched over a
scroll.  His hair is a reddish brown some graying over the ears.  After a
moment, sensing your glance, he rises to a full height of a little over
six feet, and turns to face you.  Now that you have a clear view, you
recognize the signs of a lifetime of struggle in his unhandsome, weathered
face.  His wearied, grey eyes particularly inform you that if this man
ever new love or joy -- those days are now long forgotten.  The remaining
features of this face give him the distinct look of one from the Far West.
For what possible purpose could he have traveled so far?  Before you can
follow this line of thinking, he speaks.

Gwyrdain says (in common), 'Have you heard tell of the only true God?  His name is Lord Nash...'.

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