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Ghazkull: Level 23 Mage, Level 25 Ranger
Ghazkull was created on 2012-09-03 18:43:26, played for 832 hours,
and has earned 764104 experience.

There are few things in this world with the grace and beauty of an Elf -- as if
the distant stars themselves had come to life. The man before you is such a one.
He has the height of many of his kind, but his frame bears more muscle than the
norm for the children of Loth-Llorien. Perhaps it is due to a life of adventure
or from the unlife he was reborn into as one of the Kindred. His full lips are
curved in a wry smile, the points of his fangs visible, but his eyes are gentle
hazel, not the angry crimson of a vampire in need of sating. With a courtly bow,
he acknowledges your notice. He murmurs a polite greeting in his native tongue.
As he brushes back the well-groomed and artfully braided silvery tumble of knee
length hair that cascaded forward when he bowed, a vivid, ugly scar is revealed
upon his brow. It is an eternal reminder of the terror that led to his Embrace,
and all that has passed between then and now. A subtle shift in the air nearby
causes his eyes to briefly close, an intimate smile curving his lips. He seems
to have a brief moment of communion with some unseen creature and then his eyes
meet yours once more.
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