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Drakar: Demigod
Drakar was created on 2000-11-24 09:30:06, played for 2104 hours,
and has earned 1756973 experience.

A flash of light beckons you.   Your senses fail and subsequently resuscitate
at the blinding throng of brilliance before you.   As the figure emerges from
the light,  the dissonance of serenity and sensitivity shackle you cerebrally
as if the sound of trumpets fill the air  and the tonality of each individual
instrument is played in discord but unaware that it matters.

Finally, drawing  the  light  into  him,  he  takes  shape.  His ancient eyes
reciprocate your study of him,  drawing you in to the dark endless forests of
ageless encounter.  Almost immediately  you  feel  naked and betrayed by your
own whims, waiting for him to extricate you from yourself.  As he smiles, you
can't help yourself from watching the stripes take shape to  the contours  of
his  face  and  eventually the rest of his muscular frame.  This tiger exudes
confidence and sexuality, taking heed of the most intricate of details in the
way he produces his form.

But, alas, there is something more unfounded to him than bliss and allure. He
appears resolved and content with  the  time and circumstance of all matters.
There is a peace that eventually settles you at your core. A vibe that sets a
good-natured precedent that beckons your soul  to  feel fulfilled.  You trust
that he is adept to handle all things in divine spirit.
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