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DarkClaw: Lesser Goddess
DarkClaw was created on 1997-10-26 16:56:53, played for 16589 hours,
and has earned 2083421 experience.

To stand in Her presence is to be rendered speechless: This is no mere mortal,
but the quintessential seductress, potent in her ripe perfection, incarnate in
her beauty. Lilith herself pales in comparison: the gleaming scarlet luster of
Her eyes, the tawdry tumble of Her long sable hair -- as if just risen from an
evening's pleasures...dangerous sensuality is a tangible aura around her, like
the corona of the full moon.  Voluptuous curves to make any heart pound, grace
of a stalking leopard, this is not a woman who can be underestimated. Her prey
is delight and sacrifice and sustenance, Scions enraptured in their service to
Her. The particulars of Her ensemble are nearly irrelevant save for the loving
way that an inky velvet gown enfolds Her, falling in regal folds to the ground,
and leather caresses her, drawing in an already narrow waist.  The rarest gems
and metals have been crafted into elegant jewelry that cannot compete with Her
beauty, and the delicate flutter of the wings of bats flitting about Her makes
a living, chittering frame to draw every eye. Ancient but untouched by Time, a
power to stir the dreams of the living, She is the gatekeeper of Death itself:
unliving yet utterly alive, undead yet filled with every passion of existence.

 DarkClaw accepted Creeper (III) (level 7 cleric) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Zappa (IV) (level 8 shaman) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Wyven (II) (level 13 thief, level 13 ranger, level 13 cleric) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Fei (III) (level 17 warrior, level 15 thief, level 23 mage) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Talmus (IV) (level 8 thief, level 10 ranger) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Bulvye (V) (level 1 cleric, level 11 warrior) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Sjmarzjin (II) (level 2 mage) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Ranus (II) (level 6 warrior) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Sjmarzjin (I) (level 5 mage) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Alis (X) (level 12 ranger, level 15 mage) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Ragdoll (II) (level 1 mage) into her following.
 DarkClaw accepted Tytan (XVI) (level 1 cleric) into her following.
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