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Cordir: Goddess
Cordir was created on 1997-10-26 17:15:41, played for 16370 hours,
and has earned 487425 experience.

Eight thousand years of love, trust, friendship, growth, change, awakening.
Eight thousand years of hurt, betrayal, rage, loss, abandonment, loneliness.
Eight thousand years of song, poem, hymn, scrying, incantation, revelation.

Cordir, acknowledged Incarna of the Triat Weaver, Lady of the Chosen of Fate,
talespinner, Ebon Bard, Patroness and Goddess, stands before you. Her eyes, a
merciful indigo blue, meet yours with care - the Weaver's gaze has been known
to strip away the lies within a man's soul, leaving him bare and broken - but
for this moment, they are inquisitive and gentle, her long sadness and Aspect
set aside.  Echoes from a recent dialogue still cause a slightly wry smile to
curve her lips, a needed reminder of those with whom she still has a bond.  A
flicking of one slim finger is instantly followed by a startled squawk as she
sends a unseen target tumbling through the ether to gods-only-know where. Her
silvery hair has been allowed to grow from a hacked ruin of mourning to some-
thing a bit softer, tumbling down in gentle waves to frame her intriguing and
ageless face. Perched on her shoulder, peering out from between the locks, an
enormous black widow spider gazes at you intently.
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