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Aoide: Level 30 Bard, Level 30 Bard, Level 30 Bard
Aoide was created on 2011-02-26 14:33:44, played for 1473 hours,
and has earned 1110040 experience.

The sounds most usually associated with the bard's approach, the discordant clanging of multiple
instruments knocking together in her bags and the jingle of her trinkets, are muted by the heavy
cloak she's donned to ward off the chill. Her delicate slippers are caked in mud from many trips
across the length of the realm. Even her instruments have been guarded against the cold and snow.
The bell of her beloved ebony clarinet, jutting partially from one of her many bags, seems to be
wrapped carefully in fine linen.

With specks of ice stuck in her black hair and on her clothes, Aoide glitters faintly. As the ice
melts, shining droplets cling to her hair and drip from the hem of her cloak.  The pointy ends of
her elfin ears are tinged slightly pink from the cold. It would appear that she has been spending
a great deal of her time outdoors.

 Aoide has 3810 mobhunt points.
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