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AnarchyX: Level 17 Warrior, Level 20 Cleric
AnarchyX was created on 2012-05-25 22:21:05, played for 96 hours,
and has earned 495452 experience.

Cast  in  a  soft aura  of  the  deepest  blue,  the  woman before you
is  petite  but  stands  tall  and  proud,  as  if  nothing  would get
in  her  way.    Her  rounded  features  make  her  appear  young  and
even  innocent.  Were  it  not  for  the  unmistakeable curves beneath
her  armor,  one  might  consider  her younger than her years. Covered
in  a  set  of  shining mail from head  to  toe,  save for the leather
leggings  she  wears  for some small bit  of  comfort, she appears out
of  place. Upon  her  chest piece, a large black emblem is emblazened,
a  unique  tri-ryche  symbol that burns with  the  same blue aura that
surrounds  this  young  woman.  Humming  a  soft  tune to herself, you
feel yourself drawn into a long ago memory of your own.   She suddenly
lifts  her  gaze to yours, eyes  the  color of the purest emerald wide
and searching your face as if she sees  exactly what you do.  Shifting
the  bags  she  carries  nervously,  she turns and  leaves you feeling
empty  as  she  swiftly walks away,  her long, fiery red hair flicking
back and forth across her back like the dance of a flame.
 AnarchyX leveled her warrior class to level 17.
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