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Alfonse: Level 19 Bard, Level 16 Bard, Level 14 Bard
Alfonse was created on 2011-02-15 12:32:29, played for 408 hours,
and has earned 252126 experience.

Standing before you, is not the perfect form of Sahuagin. This young Sahuagin
is certainly not built for battle, in fact his frame is relatively average, in
both weight and stature. The first thing you notice is his silver frill growing
from the top of his head, the frill webbing running the course of his head, down
to the nape of his neck. His light blue bulbous eyes, look to you. His stare is
calculating you, something you don't expect this young sahuagin to do. Thinking
to yourself, you come to believe that he is perhaps an old soul. How does a
sahuagin age, are they like elves, and can live extended periods of time?

Coming back from deep thought, you forgot about your present company. Alfonse
smiles at you, his maw curves upward, and notice his grey whiskers over the navy
blue scales of his head. From the top of his crown and down the navy blue's
gradient lightens to a powder blue. Underneath his maw, and showing from the
top of his shirt, his chest is a perfect white. The rest of his garb is modest,
no fancy embroidery, or particulary oversized jewelery.

Alfonse says, "Have we met before?", looking at you, "You seem familiar to me."
Alfonse says, "Perhaps I've heard a tale or two, that's come from the land, and
has eventually made it to me though gossip."

Alfonse extends his webbed hand, "Either way, its a pleasure to meet you."

 Alfonse leveled his bard skill class to level 14.
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