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Welcome to the homepage of The Final Challenge (TFC). TFC is a MUD - an online text-based multi-player game - that people play at all hours of the day or night for free.

TFC has been on-line since 1994, and has a strong, devoted community of players from all over the world. It is heavily modified from its merc beginnings, and is currently at version 4.51.6. It has a large, coherent world of some 175 areas, more than 95% of which are original and unique to the realm.

Newcomers to muds are encouraged to read our help pages for information on what a mud is and how to play. You can also view the TFC Forums, where players talk about subjects related to the game, and check out TFC's News & Info page for a variety of social media.

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(located at port 4000)


Top Recent News
Updated: 2014-11-25 16:59 MST

15:11 - Vierna (IV) killed a north-facing Crimson Hall Guard for mobmastery level 71.

12:06 - Grazzt (I) killed a half-elf merchant for mobmastery level 63.

10:59 - Malkil (II) leveled his mage class to level 18.

10:30 - Glimmerbeard (I) leveled his warrior class to level 19.

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